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The begining of MAZURY company is dated for 70's. These days Ostroda was significant centre of GRP production in Poland, while the owners of MAZURY Ltd. has contact with laminate technology both in business and as a hobby - by sailings expeditions.

Since 1988 the owners improve their production and managing skills, and factory evolve starting one room and four empoyees till todays 5 acre of production area (including 1,25 acre of modern production and mounting rooms) and 100 employees.

In 1991 they founded SKARKO company in Ostroda. There was produced moulds and finished parts for German car industry, and also boats and wind-powerplants covers.

Next years the owners constantly improved their skills in GRP technology, till they bought buildings by Przemyslowa Street in Ostroda in 2001. After all necessary investments and modernization, the factory starts product motor boats, entering every year new outlets. Each year the production increases dynamicly. Nowadays thatIs comming to 1000 boats a year (dimensions 11,5-33 ft).

The company promoted 15 own (basic) motor boat and motor-oar boat models. Their business partners selling Mazury's boats almost in whole Europe among others in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Nederlands, France, Spain and Great Britain.

These days MAZURY Ltd. produce both their own designs and also projects from charged moulds. The factory produce also assembly and new boats base on documentation and commision schemes.


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