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Day Cruiser

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Product description

old style motor boat, made for recreational and touring use. It is ideal solution for fishing fans. This boats is very stable and easy for handling. Cabin is suited for two adults and child. Upholstered inside is made in colours wished by customer. At the back of the boat is to be found swimming ladder. On the boat you will find many usefull lockers.

Length                            4,90m
Width                              2,10m
Draught                          0,30m
Weight without engine   450kg
Max engine power         22kW
Crew                      4 persons
Design category                    C


GRP reinforced with vowen roving and GRP grate, using hand lay up

GRP reinforced with vowen roving and Herex plate (DIAB), using hand lay up

1 windscreen (plexiglas)
1 SG03 transmission
1 11ft steering
1 PCV driving wheel
1 captains chair
1 bow pulpit
1 anchor locker
1 bow rigging
3 cleats
2 locked compartments
1 service hole
1 cabin door (plexiglass)
1 locked cabin lid
1 windscreen (plexiglass)
1 toplight
2 side navigation lights
6 lid hinges

3 fabric mattresses
Upholstered sides
Wood finished back-wall
Control panel
Main switch
Inside of the cabin finished with topcoat



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