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SM175 new

175new akter badbild pop bakdorr bakifran baksoffa fartbild4 pop fram framifran peke profil pop stamningsbild pop styrpulpet

Product description

SM175 easy to drive, cheap to buy and easy to use. That's it.

New SM175 in tasteful classic style, more comfortable with plenty of space for rods, scuba or just a picnic basket and a happy family.

SM175 has a sporty console, sofa bed in the aft for comfort and safe travel. On the bow is a lot of space for loading and seating.
You can easily get on the boat, as well as off it. In addition, the movement of the deck is safe.

The hull provides unparalleled stability and speed of the boat in its class. It is easy to drive and there is not much appetite for fuel.

New SM175 is an outstanding quality, safety and stability.

Length:                             5.6 m
Width:                             2.00 m
Draft:                               0, 3 m
Max power output:         67 kW
Recommended motor: 52.5 kW
Weight:                           400kg
Crew:                        6 people
CE Design Category:            C



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