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Product description

New experiences are waiting for you with SeaMaster 21. Loaded with fishing gear and great expectations this stabile hull takes you safely through tough waters in 25 knots.

This extraordinary seaworthy boat challenge you to go further than you used to do, out to the big waters where the great fishing is. You´ll feel safe. You´ll feel joy.

It´s an undescribely feeling to go out on the Sea with a SeaMaster 21, a seaworthy boat that satisfy the best of seamen. It is easy planning, stabile on sea and "dry"going.

It´s as good for waterskiing and quick transports as for great fishing.

Technical details:
Lenght:                                          6,25 m
Beam:                                            2,20 m
Weight:~                                        500 kg
Reccomended motorstrengt:  66-165 kW
Speed:                                 30–50 knots
For inboard or outboard engine
CE                                                          C



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