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The new class of boats in the family boat Mazury Sp.zo.o.

The new class of boats in the family boat Mazury Sp.zo.o.

We invite you to read the letter created by a new class of boats of leisure travel - FUN.

Mazury FUN 1 - is a smaller, three seater, lightweight boat with a small motor, dedicated both to have fun for young people and to relax on the water for adults. For swimming it does not need special permissions (up to 20 hp). Easy to transport and launching. Ideal for easy movement and exploring new places.

Mazury FUN 2 - is a catamaran with a sporty character. With 100 hp engine is a real speeder. In the version below motorized travel, can it move safely up to four people. Light, modern design of the well-known Norwegian designer is perfect for any fun on the water, regardless of age.

Mazury FUN 3 - a very practical motorboat boat for beginners, but also for those who want to easily, efficiently and conveniently navigate around the various areas of water. Lightweight boat with a small, stable hull is easy to transport and launching. Designed for four people with the possibility of spreading sun deck. Boat during bad weather or night time can be fitted with foldable fabric roof. Boat has been designed to operate with a small engine, 50 hp. Interestingly designed hull, thanks to the emerging air cushions allow this boat to planing even at 25 hp.


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